Thursday, 8 December 2011

Winter preparations update

After two extreme winters, I've been working hard to ensure that the County Council improves its response this year.

Grit Bins have all been given unique numbers and the phone number to get them filled up has been put on the bins. New grit bins have been placed in the ward and new concrete bases have been put in place where grit bins were on unstable ground, which caused them to tip over. Contracts with local farmers to
grit estate roads that gritters find it hard to reach have been issued.

In addition, the county has 40,000 tonnes of grit in storage and has spent £2.14m on grit for the winter. Previously secret priority routes are now being published online so people can understand the Council’s grit routes. In a town like Prudhoe, I can’t say that we won’t have some issues if we have snow but I genuinely believe we have the best preparations at the Council since I have been involved.

As always, if residents have suggestions, please call me on Prudhoe 832933


  1. Bin numbers - excellent idea, simple yet very likely to enable the guys to establish bin locality more quickly hence refill more quickly. Could you post the webpage link for viewing the 'route priorities' and do the farmers have 'route priorities' or do they just clear where they feel is needed on the estates? Luckily i live on the school route ;-)
    Amanda Welsh

  2. Amanda, thanks. Here's the link to Northumberlands new gritting section of it's website

    It's all there - some of the maps a re a bit technical. The farmers are directed and when the weather is v extreme are sent to help out on the main routes - this happened last year.