Thursday, 22 December 2011

Prudhoe Town Council - an update

We had the last meeting of 2011 of Prudhoe Town Council last night. I was glad I went. The meeting was inquorate before I showed up! The town council had it's usual enormous agenda but it was amazing how we whipped through it with the majority of the hot air producers being absent!

I thought I  would try to keep residents up to date with the major events at the Town Council (PTC) because virtually no members of the press or public ever attend. Last night we had to exclude the press and public to discuss a confidential issue but it was OK as there wasn't anyone there!

So what did we agree to do last night? Well we agreed to start the process of a major upgrade at the cemetery buildings at the old cemetery in Prudhoe and we agreed to move into the new Spetchells centre, where the officers of the council and all the meetings will be based from March, an improvement on the current premises, Waterworlds creche (although I have always felt it's a fitting location!). What did we learn? That the Town council has about £20,000 in unallocated balances and it is likely to underspend by about £40,000 on a budget of £244,000 by the end of March, which should hopefully reduce the increase in council tax next year. We also learnt that the County Council has agreed to the campaign by me and Cllr Bill Garrett to count the South Road toilets as a "strategic" asset, which means that the £10k annual maintenance charge will be borne by the County Council rather than just Prudhoe tax payers.

That's about it! The council usually meets once every two months but is meeting twice in January, one of which is to look at its budget for next year.

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