Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hammer Blow

Me at the Hammerite gates

There was widespread disappointment in the town of Prudhoe as AkzoNobel, the owners
of the historic Hammerite brand, announced they were planning to close plants in Prudhoe and Slough and re-site work at a new plant in Ashington.

Although the news is better than if production had been moved overseas or down south, I'm concerned that the 96 workers at the Prudhoe plant are treated fairly and given the option to still work at the Ashington plant or be given good severance terms and retraining.

I've called for a special meeting of the County’s west area committee to call AkzoNobel management to account and to see what is being done. I am disappointed that the firm couldn’t or wouldn’t consider staying in the Prudhoe area,  but the fight is now on to ensure workers are treated well when the
move happens.

In addition, I'm keen to discuss the future of the site, which is in the middle of greenbelt land near the hamlet of Eltringham and may well have residual pollution issues.

Are you or a family member a worker at the Hammerite Plant? Get in touch on Prudhoe 832933 if we
can help.

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