Saturday, 10 December 2011

Car Park Charges Campaign

Me and campaigner Tom Appleby at the ticket machine at the Wylam car park: time for them to be scrapped

Just a quick note to say I've launched a campaign with Wylam Parish Council and my fellow Lib Dem campaigner Tom Appleby to make the two country park car parks in Low Prudhoe and Wylam free
to local residents. On both sites the charges are leading to people parking on neighbouring areas causing
disruption and not raising as much money as envisaged when the previous Labour administration imposed the charges. I hope there will be an epetition site up soon.


  1. An excellent campaign Neil and I am right behind, do a photocall and I shall come along, charging at TRCP is so silly. For health reasons people need to be encouraged to use the facility. It is easy to avoid the charges by parking elsewhere and upsetting others. And I doubt the cost in getting the monies in is met by the revenue received.

  2. I've never ever paid to park in either of those sites, i choose to be one of those that parks in an umarked spot just outside the car park. I thought when they were placed there that it was a disgrace and still think so now! Exercise and getting out in the great outdoors is encouraged, yet we are expected to pay to enjoy our local countryside, what about those that can't afford the parking charges? I walk the river every day and its expected that i pay a charge each day if i drive down there! Not me! Pass me your petition, id be the first to sign!

  3. What used to happen at the Country park at Low Prudhoe was people had to pay who walked their dogs so they all parked on the road into the Council depot which is the opposite side of the road to the Country park entrance causing chaos for large vehicles entering Gladstone packaging and the Council/college depots as some people parked right in the entrance.They now will stop parking their and walk there dogs on the Country park again if it becomes free.It is good that it will be free as long as those dog walkers that return pick all their dog mess up?are their wardens to monitor it.

  4. The council earns £3k from Prudhoe and Wylam car parks a year after costs, I am told. Good points made by all