Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Affordible housing in Prudhoe - any ideas?

I've spoken before about the need for more houses in Prudhoe for people on the housing list to be able to rent at affordable levels. The situation is far, far worse in Prudhoe West (my ward) where a lot of the houses have Most of the houses in the main sites in the town are spoken for and we have reached the edge of the greenbelt, so what to do? Well maybe get empty homes into action. No dice. As I discovered at the area committee last night, Prudhoe West has the second lowest levels of empty homes in the county (5 on the 11th - for a full table see agenda item 8 here

I have stated that there are an additional few properties where development has stalled but I would be interested in peoples ideas where we could build more homes or where there are existing sites. I have suggested that the waste ground at the foot of Castlefields, near the industrial estate in Low Prudhoe to be investigated. Not a perfect site but I am really scratching my head here! I genuinely would like to hear local peoples ideas on how we can develop more affordable homes.


  1. What about all the land between Lime/Cherry and the by pass as far as the piggy bank and the Badger? I understand this to be county land that no-one does a thing with. It is a steep site which might be a drawback but you would be surprised at how much land there is.

  2. I have recommended that the council look at the stalled development of the former co-op on Piggy Back lane. I am not sure what the access to this land would be like but I will go for a walk over the festive season and have a look. Thanks