Friday, 18 February 2011

Poetry in tarmac - progress on the worst road in Prudhoe

Since I was first elected to the District Council in 2003, I have been campaigning for Milton Grove in Prudhoe to have it's road surface and pavements sorted out. This road was completed in 1940 and hasn't been resurfaced since! The problem is that it is a concrete road and these surfaces are so robust they don't suffer structural damage. But Milton Groves road surface is now very tatty, with cracks all over its surface and the pavements, which have no foundations, have sunk below the level of the road in some places. These pavements are now wobbly and hard for the pensioners who live on the street to walk on.

In 2004 a large petition was raised but the County Council at the time was not interested. When I got elected in 2008 to the County Council, I set out to sort that out. I got the road onto the list for resurfacing but after two years, it was not getting high enough priority as the cost of completely replacing the concrete plates was a likely six figure sum.

So on Tuesday, I had a meeting with council officials to look at the road and see what can be done. They have agreed to sort out the structural cracks and to resurface the road in the summer and are looking a programme of replacing the pavements. I will not stop on this one until it is finished but I am glad we are at the start of the end.

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