Monday, 17 January 2011

Rural Northumberland needs action on Fuel prices

Danny Alexander was right to mention work within the government on getting fairer fuel prices in rural areas where people have little choice but to drive and emissions are lower per mile travelled. As Local Authority budgets are pressed further, there will be increasingly less public transport (witness the decision to have no subsidised buses on Sundays in County Durham). Danny Alexander was particularly worried about remote areas such as his own patch in the Highlands where petrol prices are much higher than the norm. But any scheme must remember isolated parts of the North East, such as North and West Northumberland (Kielder is the most remote village in England and petrol is about 20p a litre more expensive on occasions).

As Ed Milliband has mentioned, this is hard to do but it is important consideration is given to creative schemes.


  1. I have sympathy with motorists in remote areas - however....

    This is a problem which is not going to go away. Get used to an ever-upwards trend in oil prices (i.e. an upwards trend with a few kinks in it).

    The driving standard of all too many motorists is so poor (aggressive, heavy acceleration and braking etc.) that saving around 20% of fuel used is not that difficult with an improvement in driving standards.

    And when you need to change the car go for the most fuel-efficient one you can. That doesn't necessarily mean electric yet - for rural users travelling long distances electric cars just don't do. Check out fuel consumption at

  2. Agreed - petrol prices have already had this effect on me, I'm shopping around for a smaller car after scrapping my old gas guzzler. Agree with your point about economy driving too, just checking your tyres cuts fuel efficiency by 5%. In areas where there are alternatives such as viable buses and trains and car clubs (like the one I've funded in Prudhoe) then we can find alternatives but in very remote areas we need to help local residents, where sky high fuel prices are starting to cause real hardship