Saturday, 1 January 2011

"Honest Dave" breaks his manifesto commitment

No not that Dave, I am referring of course to Dave Anderson the MP for Blaydon and my opponent in the general election in May. Dave spent a lot of time during the campaign saying that he was an honest guy and has been amongst the first Labour MPs to stick the boot into the Coalition government when one of the two parties has had to compromise on manifesto policies.

During the election he regularly lauded his parties manifesto and just before it, voted for a referendum on having a referendum on the Alternative Vote. His party was the only one to pledge support for the AV voting system. Now Dave has come out as an opponent of AV. He favours the unfair current system, First Past the Post, which elects MPs who have less than the support of half their electorate. The North East has a high level of anti fairer voting reform Labour MPs. They think all the MPs should be Labour regardless of the public's view.

To be fair most sensible Labour MPs support the change. Ed Milliband and most of the cabinet are backing the Yes2AV campaign. As the Labour Yes campaign said recently "It is a shame that some Labour MPs who so recently stood on a manifesto supporting a referendum on the Alternative Vote have chosen short term tactical gain above the long term interests of the voters and the Labour Party." Quite.

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