Saturday, 11 December 2010

Yes to Fairer votes in the North East

The launch of the Yes! Campaign HQ in the North East

I was really pleased to be at the opening of the Yes to fairer votes headquarters in the North East. The office is in Rotterdam House on Newcastle's Quayside and the dedicated North East Yes team have got a great set up. We went onto the Millennium bridge and then back into the office to ring some members of the North East public. Rather randomly, I got a sheet that included David Faulkner, the Lib Dem leader of Newcastle. Unsurprisingly he is backing the campaign.

The really good thing about this campaign is that this is not a Lib Dem campaign. At the launch were Lib Dem, Green and Labour party supporters but most notably lots of people who are new to politics and are not party political. There was a lot of young people from all kinds of backgrounds. I was involved (only a little!) in the disastrous regional assembly referendum, which was lost by a margin of 4-1. The yes campaign has realised that this referendum campaign has to be led by a much broader cross section of society than just politicians. Already it is resulting in a much more high energy campaign.

If you want to get involved and get a fairer voting system that will reduce "safe" seats and make MPs represent more than 50% of the electorate, then get involved. As someone who lives in a constituency (Hexham) that has been Tory since 1924 but where the MP has been elected in recent times on a vote share of 38% and hasn't had the get the majority of voters support for 18 years, I can see the benefits! Visit  to get involved

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