Monday, 15 November 2010

well done Tim

I was really pleased to learn on Saturday that Tim Farron had been elected as president of the Liberal Democrats in one of the most closely fought contests for president. The president of the party is similar to the chair of the Conservatives or the general secretary of the Labour party. The post has more importance as it has the democratic legitimacy of  being elected by all party members (and its one man, one vote - not a silly electoral college!)

Tims role is to listen to the party in the country and to take that message back to Westminster. It is also to communicate an entirely Lib Dem vision to the media (ie not a coalition view). Anyone who knows Tim,knows he is well placed to do a good job.

Also I must pay tribute to Ros Scott, the outgoing president. She drove through internal reforms and was a key part of the coalition formation. She also recognised that the party needed a different type of president and took the decision to stand down when her re-election would have been highly likely. I am sure she has a lot more to contribute.

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