Saturday, 27 November 2010

Prudhoe is not on the rocks - Balls to the sceptics

I get a bit sick some times of people (mainly from surrounding areas but a few from Prudhoe) constantly suggesting that Prudhoe is some kind of dead end town with nothing going for it. It has a lot more potential I'll grant people but even today on a very snowy day Windsors Bakery was full of customers buying their specialist breads and the cafe's were full of people having a well deserved cuppa. I popped along to the end of Front Street to that Prudhoe establishment, Balls of Prudhoe. This is a very good fish and chip shop and is a real family business. The Balls have moved in next door and set up a cafe.

Its nicely laid out and was very popular. I couldn't resist the Fish and Chip special, although when I saw one of the specials, belly pork with mash, I was regretting it a bit. My wife had a Jacket (far more healthy!) and it was set out really nice. I fancied a Jam Roly Poly afterwards but was stuffed. So two thumbs up for Balls - a great new venture with a really good Prudhoe welcome.

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