Friday, 19 November 2010

Car Club is really Motoring in Prudhoe

Cllr Alan Armstong, Me and Fiona Hall MEP try the new car out for size
I was really proud to day to launch the new car put into Prudhoe by the Commonwheels car club. The car is parked on Kepwell Bank Top next to the Dr Syntax Pub. Joining me was Cllr Alan Armstrong, the executive member for Transport on Northumberland Council, and Fiona Hall, the North Easts excellent MEP, who tells me she is a member already.

The scheme has been funded by my members capital budget and by Northumberland County Councils transport budget.I was pleased to see that the Council has put up an information board to fill people in about what the car is and how to use it.

These scheme works by people joining and renting the car by the hour for when they need it. All costs are borne by the car club after that. It's a great way for people who do not use a car enough to justify it or who may need use of  a second car occasionally. The scheme only needs 20 regular users and already has 4 people signed up. Go to to find out more and to join.

The motorist gets a hammering these days but in lots of places cars are the only practical way of getting to where you need to be. I hope this scheme will work and reduce unnecessary car use, help control congestion and reduce emissions. You never know, it could be the start of a much bigger scheme in Northumberland.

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