Thursday, 2 September 2010

Is Labour thick or misleading?

Or both? Today I was horrified to read in the Granuaid ( that the coalition government were being condemned from Dennis McShane, former Labour Europe minister, for "opting out" of a EU wide directive on sex trafficking.

Except for when you read the article properly, you will see the UK governments position is much more intelligent. The home office is quoted as saying "The government will review the UK's position once the directive has been agreed, and will continue to work constructively with European partners on matters of mutual interest. By not opting in now but reviewing our position when the directive is agreed, we can choose to benefit from being part of a directive that is helpful but avoid being bound by measures that are against our interests."

So in other words we are using our right to veto UK involvement until we see the directive in full and we then choose to enter into it or not. A sensible thing to do. So in fact the UK hasn't actually opted out. Unfortunately, Labour and the Granuaid  explain this in the text and proclaim it as though the coalition isn't bothered about EU wide sex trafficking. Bad journalism and opportunistic politicking.

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