Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Vote Brown, get Cameron

During the election both my Tory and Labour counterparts were sure of one thing - a vote for me was a vote for the other party! My conservative opponent kept inviting me to sign his silly pledge, which invited me to "never ever vote in parliament to support a continuation of Gordon Brown and Labour in Government" (presumably he wouldn't have voted with the Conservative whip in previous parliaments to support Labour then!). My Labour opponent put out charming postcards saying "A vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for Cameron"

Now the silly season is over we have seen a change. My natural instinct, as a northerner with a memory of the Tories decimation of Northern industry, would have been reluctantly to work with Labour. However, it is quite clear that Labour have intentionally set out to wreck any coalition talks whilst pretending they want them. Yet again Labour are putting tribal instincts above the national instincts. Two examples of this were an absolute refusal to talk to the other minor parties who would have been essential if Labour wanted to keep in power and the way in which many senior Labour politicians were briefing against a Labour - Lib Dem coalition.

They desperately want to get back into opposition so they can label whatever government takes over and has to clear up their mess as being a vicious pro cuts party. So when your Labour candidate comes round with the usual rubbish at the next election, remember if you voted Labour you voted for a Tory government. I trust that our negotiating team will push for a fairer tax system, civil liberties improvements and political reform. That would be more than Labour gave the people for 13 years.


  1. Ironic, on a day when Clegg props up an ailing Tory election campaign, Clegg a man who championed the peoples' voice yet decided to make a decision on who governed anyway when he lead his party to a net loss of five seats, has an ex PPC who tries to mix and match the Tory and Labour parties. You and Jonathan Wallaces blog posts have been absolutely discordant over the past few weeks and it shows why there was a clear rejection of the Lib Dems in Blaydon, locally on the council and Nationally; please get your coat. The door is over there, Mr Bradbury.

  2. "Vote Labour. Get the Tories". Good luck with that line on the streets of Blaydon over the next few years, Neil, lol. I suspect that voters will notice that you do have 5 Cabinet ministers in the Tory Government.

    I see that your party has signed up to George Osbourne's £6 billion of public sector cuts in the next year. And of course your chosen PM is looking forward to those cuts falling disproportionately on the North East.

    I wonder how many of the floating voters in your constituency (and in the rest of the North East) would have put their x's against LibDem candidates had they known you were happy to prop up the Tories?

  3. Well Mr Anonymous - I am glad youa re such a fan of Jonathan and my blogs. In which way are they discordant? Your Labour party is incable of working with others and is all over the place at the moment. Mike Wood, Labour MP "David Cameron should be MP". Next time post with your actual name.

  4. Nick - Sometimes you've got to do what's right rather than play for tribal advantage.

    Your party is currently unable to form a coalition and the numbers weren't there. One of you own MPs said "Cameron should be PM" - we shall see how it pans out but we have negotiated a good deal. Fairer Taxes, more money for schools in deprived areas, a referendum on voting reform, the right to sack your MP, reform of the voting system and an abolition of ID cards. More than your shabby authoritarian government ever delivered.

  5. I've read your blogs with great interest Neil but I have to question the motives of the Lib Dems here. Was this a desperate grab for power?

    Cutting the ID card and stopping the new passport due for an October release is disappointing for the North East, surely the money has already been spent developing the new passport that its ready. Wouldn't that be a waste?

    Then you've got De La Rue's in your constituency which employs a lot of people who'll see this as a direct attack on them, same with the folks who work at Durham Passport Office, again some who will work in your constituency

    Perhaps the North East does rely heavily on the public sector but at a time of little opportunity are you effectively making hundreds, if not thousands, unemployed for the sake of a hollow spending cut?

    Gateshead and the North East are 'monkey in a red suit' territory, perhaps out of habit these days. People remember the past Tory regimes too much but this one could drag your party into it as well which could permanently damage you

  6. Excuse me Mr Bradbury but on the 4th of May 2010, in your post 'Campaign ahead of schedule' you're quoted as saying '..We are a positive party and the idea of supporting Cameron and Osborne is hard to imagine."
    this further coupled with quotes from the 22nd of April shortly after the televised leadership debate where you're quoted as saying 'Cameron performed better but there is something false about him' - Is this really the man who's whip you'd be taking if you'd managed to win Blaydon? Did you still think the Con/LD coalition was 'doing the right thing' at that time?
    You interestingly also compare the Labour Party and the Conservatives in Birtley schools debate as 'Labservatives' and 'The Labour candidate appeared to agree with my Conservative Opponent a lot recently, there is no difference between the two of them.'
    Contrast the above with Jonathan Wallace's post in his blog, 'the only show in town.'
    Answer time for you now Mr Bradbury. You've caused an anomaly in the national trend with Blaydon's swing to Labour, your party has lost council seats in both Newcastle and Gateshead and you yourself personally have been shown up as a political carpetbagger with eyes greedily set upon Westminster with no interest in ordinary people, just like Beadle has done in Low Fell, just like Jevon did when he decided he'd rather live in Northumberland, just like Hindle did when he believed he could take Gateshead. You refer to the obligation to do what's right, I insist upon you now to do what's right and admit that this thinly-veiled party of self interest masquerading under the face of Liberalism is merely a political tool to be used upon and dropped as and when it is needed and should this coalition brake down that you will unreservedly back Glenn Hall (or whichever tory candidate is nomiated) rather than continuing the pantomime of the Liberal Democrats in the North East.

  7. A lot of anonymous comments here - happy to publish them! It's good to see I have such avid readers - some political anoraks from the Labour party!

    I'll be straight with you and agree that I didn't stand at the election to go into a coalition with labour or the Tories - I went in to get a Lib Dem government. I am very pleased though that things like the hated ID cards is being scrapped and that fairer taxes for the poor are being brought in to mitigate against Labour abolishing the 10p tax rate. In terms of me being a "carpet bagger" its funny how when Labour stood a candidate for Blaydon who lived in Sunderland (the current MP) or when we had an MP for Newcastle who lived in Scotland (Doug Henderson MP) that was ok but when I live a mile outside the boundary of the constituency it is not. I am a Liberal, not a Tory or an authoritarian (all that Labour are now). If I wanted to focus just on getting ahead in politics I would join the political establishment around here - the Labour party. Now Lib Dems are careerists - I've heard it all!

    Clearly this time Labour won the seat here. I hope the MP does well for the people. But it is right that he gets a Liberal challenge and a Conservative challenge next time plus a challenge from wherever else.

    Whether the candidate in Blaydon is me next time is down to local members. But the Liberal Democrats will not go away. Certainly not in preference to a Conservative party coming a poor third. Although I do hope we can get PR in local and national elections, meaning all strains of thought can be appropriately represented according to their strength.

  8. Surely the Tories are stringing us Lib Dems out over PR

    They'll go for a referendum (because it's part of the deal and they'd have lost the coalition) but they'll then campaign against it. Not an easy alliance I'd say

    How can you be totally happy that ID cards are being scrapped when hundreds of your constituents could lose employments and the region as a whole suffer?!

    The Lib Dems have sold out on immigration and I'm disappointed.

    I'm happy to see us in some level of power but Deputy PM is hardly a prestige position and the poisoned chalices in the cabinet have happily been given to Lib Dems and arguably Vince Cable, the man with the brains to save our economy has been shuffled into a nothing position.

    I value anyone who is a Liberal Democrat in the North East because quite frankly Labour could probably announce a manifesto saying they will sell the first born of every North East family in a bid to fund the London Olympics and people would still vote for them

  9. Mr Brien - not an easy alliance but the only way to get stable government. I am encouraged by the Lib Dem policies actually passed.

    I am overjoyed that ID cards are being abolished. Theya re an affront to our civil liberties. The cost of implementing them would mean higher taxes. No jobs have been created in Durham as a result of ID card administration.

    In terms of the biometric passport, which the Labour MP has claimed repeatedly that the loss of would cause 120 jobs (not hundreds) to go at De La Rue in the Team Valley, the jobs gained when they won the biometric passport contract was put at 60 or 80 in the press and De La Rue refused to confirm numbers due to confidentiality.

    However, we would still need passports to be printed and De La Rue will be in a good position to print them. There would be few if any job losses from the lack of chip information in a passport. In addition normal people will see a reduced prive for their passports.

    We haven't sold out on immigration, the three parties policies at this election were remarkably similar in reality. All were committed to a points based system. Our amnesty was a good policy but was clearly unacceptable to both Labour and the Tories. That is being realistic.

    On PR, the coalition agreement falls short on what we wanted but to get the Tories to agree on any electoral reform proposal is impressive and more than Labour did in 13 years.

    I think before we condemn the cabinet positions as poisoned chalices, lets see how it goes. It has the potential to be a really interesting time in British poilitics.

    I hear what you're saying about Labour being dominant in the North East but in reality they command less than half the popular vote.

  10. You and that Jonathan Wallace truly are a pair of turncoats. Perfect for the LibDems in my view.

    Someone described JCW to me as "a communist while at school". Pretty ironic really, since he depends on the votes of Tories in his fiefdom to get elected.

    Wonder if they'd still vote him in if they new the truth about his communist roots. Must be the only former communist love-bombing the Tories in the country!

  11. well mr anonymous - a turncoat from what? Away from years of a nasty authoritarian government and from economic mismanagement?

    As to Jonathan, some people appear to have an unhealthy obsession with him! I'll have to ask him about his political roots, he's been a Lib Dem councillor since I was at Primary school so I can't comment! If he was a communist he would be in good company with Mandleson, Reid etc.