Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Winning in Blaydon

Had another day at work. Currently applying for funding for the CAB I manage from the Legal Services Commission. Very bureaucratic system and quite stressfull and time consuming! Had to be done, you can't just abandon this type of important work, election or no election!

Then out of the office and into a brilliant evening canvassing with our veteran councillors Ione Rippeth and Brenda Osborne as well as my wife Donna coming out to help too. Our campaign is really hotting up with 5 seperate canvasses going on tonight. Met some interesting people and was really pleased to see that our messages coming out of our manifesto launch today are making an impact. You can see our manifesto here. Our fair tax agenda, raising the personal allowance to £10,000 goes down particuarly well and there is strong support for our mansion tax.

I also met two people who had been persuaded to change to Lib Dem after watching Nick Clegg on TV tonight. They asked me about it but of course I was out campaigning!

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