Thursday, 29 April 2010

Stuffing Debate

A great night out in Blaydon canvassing, met a former regional chair of the Liberal Party who had been waiting for a canvasser to come for a few elections. So glad I chose to knock on that door!

Anyway, after a busy day some of my small team went to Swalwell Social Club for a small debate party. Just an excuse to watch the debate amongst friends. I also got my colleagues to help with some letter stuffing. Never waste a good opportunity!

The debate was a good one and Brown confirmed his stature as the most unconvincing of the three leaders. I had a chat about it with the non aligned punters at the bar. They thought Clegg and Cameron perfomed well but could never vote for Cameron after "what the Tories did to us in the 80's" - I think we may have one or two extra voters!

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