Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The mid week election awards

Had a busy week today as the postal votes hit peoples door mats.

But a few awards need to be handed out by this blog:

First Lib Dem vote in the bag here - surely from a lovely woman I met in Ryton who had already posted her postal vote and crucially voted Lib Dem in both the local and national elections.

Most repulsive pitch of the day: The BNP who in their leaflet show Nick Griffin with Winston Churchill, the pro European former Liberal who fought right wing extremism.

Most ridiculous claim of the day: The areas outgoing Labour MP, who in a letter to postal voters claims that its between Labour and the Tories round here. A perfect excuse to show the bar chart on this blog, which shows the result last time. With only 8% of the vote the Tories are well behind. Only the Lib Dems can beat Labour here.

Most consistent claim of the campaign: That a vote for me is a vote for either Cameron or Brown. The Tory consistently states that voting for me will prop up Brown, whilst the Labour candidate claims I will prop up the Tories. They both agree on one thing, that you shouldn't vote for me! The same old red/blue club trying to stop real change. Let me be clear - a vote for me is a vote for Liberal Democrat policies and for me. Not for anyone else.

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