Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lakes and the Leaders

I must confess, I didn't catch the Leaders debate live. I was out canvassing till right up to the start of the debate. I stopped then because I thought interrupting the debate might be bad form! I was out with our team on the "Lakes Estate" in Winlaton, estates largely made up of social housing but also many "right to buy" properties. A great response and many residents knew our councillors there personally, a tribute to their hard work. All night I didn't find a single Tory voter which shows the total absence of support in these areas.

I got asked some interesting questions about tax and immigration, which I think satisfied the people asking.

I then got back home and watched the debate, which I had recorded. I am now watching Sky News analyse the leaders every move and analyse opinion polls for each section, which is a bit boring even for me. However, I thought for what its worth, Nick Clegg did very well. I think when you look at our policies on a level playing field they are strong. When people actually start to consider Nick Clegg as a potential leader of this country, people say that (much like they do with Vince Cable as chancellor) they would prefer it.


  1. Neil - keep up the good work and thank you for posting your comments. Refreshing to have a honest and human account of your journey to become the LibDem MP.

  2. Thanks SB - I hope people realise I am a normal person who wants to help people get the same opportunities I have had in life