Monday, 12 April 2010

Just another manic monday

A bit of early morning delivery followed by time in the office with our new volunteer office manager Amelia, who quickly got me organsised!

Then out on the doorsteps in Winlaton. A good night with a positive reception. I heard from a pensioner annoyed with tax credits as claiming one pushed him beyod a benefit threshold meanning he had more money deducted from his income than the benefit gained. Then I talked to the owner of a small IT firm who was concerned about the costs being loaded on his business and how he felt Labour had a very anti small business philosphy.

I then talked to parents concerned about the costs of university for their children and told them of the Lib Dems continuing desire to remove tuition fees.

Then I delivered more leaflets to our local leaflet deliverers and came home to tidy the house a bit, which has become a bit of a tip as my wife is very kindly coming out to help me on the campaign trail and I am a one man mess machine!

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