Thursday, 15 April 2010

I am officially a candidate!

Got out early today to get the ten signatures to nominate me as a candidate for Parliament. Then down to Gateshead Civic Centre to get our paperwork checked. It passed then I had to pay £500 for my deposit (I thought I should pay, to reinforce my confidence we will get more than 5%, the threshold for getting it back!) and I was approved!

Labour had returned their nominations and I believe the Tory agent was queuing behind me to get their papers in! I have also heard word that the BNP will be standing. I am a believer in peoples right to say whatever they think but, hopefully, along with the other candidates I will be working hard to counter the hateful lies of the BNP.


  1. Where did you hear that the BNP are standing?

  2. Anonymous - I had heard rumours but my father rang me to tell me that the BBC website has named a candidate who is apparently standing, which you can see here:

    we shall see when the nominations close.