Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Go North East

I have had a conversation with Peter Huntley, Managing Director of GO North East today. It was a very positive discussion and we got through a few topics of concern for residents in a relatively short space of time.

GO North East has rcently taken over the majority of former Arriva services in the area, namely the 602,604,673, 684, 687, 688, 801, 804 and the x66 (now the X12), the buses on these routes are of a poor standard and are not accessible for disabled people. Peter reassurred me that they are to be replaced this year, eiother by new buses or reallocated buses.

I then asked him about the bus bottlenecks in the area and the Blaydon roundabout was identified as a problem. Peter sees it as a block to quicker bus services (its a block to everything!) in and out of the west of the constiuency. He was hoping that Gateshead council would look at using planning gain money but there has been no progress.

I then asked him about the issue of the teen travel pass. He confirmed that this was a result of Nexus budget cuts, a bit disingenous when they are presenting it as a saving.

Anyway, I would be interested to hear of people bus and other public transport issues. Post below in the comments section.


  1. Swalwell Roudabout is just as bad during 'rush hour'. Bus lanes would be handy here too.

  2. I agree and there is a pinch point at both Lobley Hill bank and at Birtley further south in this constituency.

    GO North East and others are ready to provide services but they need dedicated lanes at these places. But it has to be resourced, no more painting and narrowing of the normal lanes!

  3. Dear Neil,

    I am a resident on Hanover Estate and I have concerns about public transport operating through Hanover Estate.

    Historically, the buses operated on the peripheral and then a local mini-bus was introduced through Hanover Drive, Silverdale Drive onto Beverley Drive. The decommissioning of mini-buses meant that single-decker buses were brought in and most recently the Estate has seen the introduction of double-decker buses! Hanover Estate is a private residential estate and many years ago under HEDRA, Hanover Estate District Residents Association public buses were prohibited. Whilst I understand the importance of access to public services, including transport I really feel strongly about public buses operating through a private estate. The estate was not built to sustain the frequency of public transport - the bus service runs 5.30am - 11.30pm twice an hour. The buses face terrible problems trying to manoeuvre around the estate.

    I raised my concerns with Dave Anderson and have successfully reduced the size of the bus from a double-decker back to a single bus. That does not resolve the problem of public transport operating through a residential estate which does not have the infrastructure to cope with heavy vehicles. I would like Go-North East to reconsider reinstating the service around the barlow and knobby end. Mr Huntley should be aware of this as Dave Anderson and his team have been discussing my concerns and proposal with Mr Huntley.

    Your support would also be appreciated.

  4. I appreciate your concerns as do your three Lib Dem councillors in the area, who are best placed to resolve this issue. I will raise this issue with them and get you a thorough response but also raise it with Mr Huntley. Please get in touch via email to and I will respond to your concerns.