Saturday, 17 April 2010

Fiona on the doorstep - vive la difference!

The leader of the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament, Fiona Hall MEP, dropped in today to help with canvassing. She got stuck in and helped us get round a number of estates.

I was struck by the number of ex labour supporters who were thinking again and considering backing me after seeing Nick Clegg on the debate show. I am not getting carried away with all the very positive press stories and opinion polls. What is important is that people get out and vote for change!

I had a fascinating discussion with a teacher, who was very disillusioned with the fact that she is teaching very large class sizes that are un streamed, meaning she has to teach too wide a variety of needs. Her trade union had told her that the lib dems would basically remove collective national pay deals. In fact our pupil premium policy guarantees additional money for schools that are failing to get results or are working with hard to engage children, which could mean schools could pay more to staff or reduce class sizes. in addition when I explained our policy to abolish the National Curriculum, she was very happy and will be voting Lib Dem for the first time.

The it was off for an evening meal with my mum and dad to celebrate my dads birthday


  1. looks like coldstream drive in Winlaton...

    replacing the NC with a minimum curriculum is a great idea, long overdue.

  2. The National Curriculum policy of the Lib Dems is what any teacher would have told you for years, so why don't the two old parties do it?