Friday, 9 April 2010

Fences and benefits in Winlaton, issues in the Spen and then some leaflets

I am suffering from a bad head cold but now is not the time to be ill! I went to Winlaton to help with two casework issues with our excellent councillor Andrew Graham. The first issue was about the fence being constructed around the pitch of WInalton Vulcans Rugby club. There are some concerns that it might block rights of way and I promised to investigate. Then I met a resident with a familiar complaint, that the ob Centre Plus had rejected a claim for Contribution based Jobseekers allowance. This is a very tricky area of benefit law and many who feel they have paid their NI for years do not qualify. There are two issues. First is benefits legislation right? No it isn't. And is the Job Centre Plus right in its assessment? It often is.

Then off to High Spen, where I met community activists and then canvassed some residents. A lovely old lady told e she was switching to us after 70 years of voting Labour.

Then off to deliver more leaflets and then an impromptu meeting with my agent, Noel Rippeth. Then I returned to find a pile of casework emails, which I like to deal with myself. Now off to bed because I have a busy day ahead.

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  1. Interesting story, but you don’t tell us how you canvassed the residents.