Sunday, 11 April 2010

A busy day

Sunday was a busy day. I started by going to launch the Makers Market in Blackhall Mill. This is a great market for local people making things. There were soaps, perfumes, needlework, table sets, cushions, artwork, jams, jewelery. Basically lots and lots. Really good and I spent £30 very quickly. There is a lot of artistic activity going on in Chopwell and Blackhall Mill, entirely voluntary and not supported by the council. Fiona and Dean, who organised the event and are seen on the left with me and my shopping, have another planed for Sunday 2nd May from 10am. Well worth a trip.

Then I welcomed my parents, who have come out of retirement to help! They are not political but volunteered to come as have virtually all of my family. It is a big support and all I can say is that no one had better mess with my mum who stands for no nonsense!

Then I went delivering with my dad and the team whilst Donna and my mum stayed in the office and sorted out our printing office. Then a lovely pizza in Deanos in Whickham.

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