Thursday, 22 April 2010

Birtley and the Debate

Out campaigning in Birtley today, got a good response. Then back to our office to try to co-ordinate the increasing number of volunteers coming to our office in Whickham to help out. The challenge is ensuring that we have the right stuff for them to help with at the right place and the right time. Still it is really positive to see the number of people willing to help out.

After it all I went to a friends house in Gateshead to watch the debate on Sky. I think Nick Clegg came across well again and Brown continued to just attack everyone else. It seems after 13 years he has run out of ideas. Cameron performed better but there is something false about him to me. He certainly didn't get any big hits in and just was competent, as opposed to his disastrous showing last time. Interesting article from the pollster Angus Reid predicting the "strange death of Labour England". However, I believe that the Lib Dems will only succeed in winning seats if we give the electorate something positive to vote for, which is why I am working hard to convince local voters. At my friends house was a voter from Ryton, who was a natural Conservative. I hope he was persuaded to vote Lib Dem. The host certainly was and she is a member of the Tory party! She is going to deliver some leaflets for me. She recognises that a vote for the Tories round here is a vote for Gordon Brown.

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