Thursday, 4 March 2010

World Book Day in Winlaton

I was out and about delivering leaflets in Winlaton today on a lovely clear sunny day.

But today is World Book Day and I wanted to speak up for the humble book. People are predicting that electronic reader will do for the book like the MP3 did for the record and CD. But I think there is something inherently satisfying about a book and that's why the role of the Library for people who can't afford books is so important.

On world book day, I am currently reading two books! Not at the same time of course. One book I am working my way through is Team of Rivals by Doris Goodwin. It is a history book about Abraham Lincoln, about how a relatively obscure politician overcame great odds and became president. Once he was there, the book demonstrates, he intentionally brought in the biggest personalities in the US to his cabinet despite fears they would outshine him. It's said to be one of Obamas favourite books and is genuinely interesting in shining light on a period of history I didn't know much. I've not finished it yet but one of my colleagues has given the end away. Apparently Lincoln gets shot!

I'm also reading the 39 Steps by John Buchan. A real classic thriller and good for a bit of escapism.

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