Sunday, 28 March 2010

Whickham, Brushes and TV

I have had an eventfull day on the campaign trail today. Early on (and it felt much earlier on due to BST starting today!) I was out with the team leafletting in Whickham. Then it was off to a Brush Factory (Cottam Brush in Hebburn - a very modern and impressive facility) to be interviewed by BBCs Politics show about the budget and manufacturing.

I was with a candidate for the Conservatives and one for Labour. Curiously we were all 33! It's odd talking to perfectly nice people who, when the cameras come on want to argue with you. It was interesting that neither of them has had any experience of being a councillor or of being involved in public administration at all. I personally think it really helps me that I have been involved in local government for 7 years now. It gives me experience of how things work. I wouldn't like to go straight into Parliament without any experience of these things.

Anyway, I haven't really done live TV before so it was a bit daunting, especially as we were wired up for sound and the wire to my microphone was to short for me so I had to have it strapped into my pocket! Anyway I didn't feel like I got enough of my views across about manufacturing, so I will post them later. Anyway must dash, more leaflets to deliver!

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