Monday, 1 March 2010

Obamas mentor - Labour is a "major force for Alienation"

Interesting interview in the Guardian from the guy who trained Obama as a community organsiser in Chigago ( He has been working with community groups in Manchester and says "In my experience the Labour party in your big cities like Manchester is one of the most alienating forces in Great Britain." He goes on to say, "Barack could never have been elected in Great Britain. He would have had to suck up to the Labour party for 30 years before they gave someone like him a chance."

I hope that in the Liberal Democrats community activists will find a better home than in the stagnant environment of the Labour party. Many of our councillors (me included) started off being involved in community activity and charity work. Email me at if you are interested in making a difference in your community at whatever level of involvement you want.


  1. Whereas being an activist in the LibDems for 30 years & then making a tiny mistake like saying you don't approve of racial genocide is grounds for expulsion from the LibDems.

    Say what you like about Labour but they don't actually expel people for not supporting war crimes, genocidem child rape, cannabilism & the policies of the late Adolf Hitler as the LibDems so enthusiastically do.

  2. Thanks for the comments Neil - I trust you will be applying to join the Labour Party then. I seem to remember them holding a delegate under the prevention of terrorism act for heckling Jack Straw.