Monday, 8 March 2010

Need for accredited advice

The terrible case of Lilian Rayne, a Paralegal who operated an organisation called the Swalwell Advice Centre and was found guilty in January of duping couples into paying her to arrange divorces and who then forged fake divorce certificates, emphasises the need for a requirement for any organisation that provides advice to have the proper quality mark. The Swalwell Advice Centre was not a registered charity or company and did not appear to have appropriate liability insurance or accreditation.

It is shocking that in this day and age anyone can set up offering advice on legal and financial advice without any training. CABx are well audited as are organisations that are part of Advice UK. The Legal Services Commission issues organisations with a Community legal Services mark. This would be a good thing to look for in an advice agency. I will be raising the need for a more compulsory scheme for advice with the Lib Dem justice department to avoid other innocent people being duped.

CLS logo - what to look for

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