Wednesday, 24 March 2010

"Its not as awful as it could have been and anyway it's not our fault"

This was the message of Alistair Darling in todays budget. The most exciting thing was news of tax sharing with Belize and a stamp duty holiday for first time buyers if they meet stringent criteria.

It neither took the radical steps I believe are necessary to make the tax system fairer for lower income people in work nor did it address at all how this country will make the necessary cuts to balance our budget in time. Labours approach is to stick its head in the sand whilst the Tories think if they make a lot of noise no one will notice that they have very little idea of where they are going to make cuts and efficiency savings. Vince Cable on the other hand has been quite clear.

I am getting a bit cheesed off with Gordon "no return to boom and bust" Brown and Alistair Darling trying to blame the mess the UK is in totally on the global situation. Why then are we one of the last western countries to come out of recession. It was this government who encouraged an over dependence on banking rather than actually making things we can export and it was this government that encouraged a massive personal debt bubble. So a nothing budget and, as Nick Clegg said today, the obituary of 13 years of failure.

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