Sunday, 14 March 2010

A great speech

I have just come out of the conference hall when Nick Clegg made a great speech to conference. The media (and increasingly my Conservative opponent!) are desperate to engage us in discussions about who we would vote for if there was a hung parliament, if we were the third smallest party and if could swing a vote. Quite a few "ifs"! Nick is determined to put forward why people should vote for us. He has quite clearly stated that we are not going to play some kind of "king maker" role.

The main thing is that the more people vote for our policies, namely fairer taxes, more investment in education and politics cleaned up with power passed from Parliament to local people, the more they will happen.

In Blaydon constituency the choice is clear, its between Labour and the Liberal Democrats. I would encourage readers to have a look at the two parties websites, and and decide which is best for their area. Now going to spend an evening with my grandma who is in her nineties and a living advert for the excellence of the NHS! I don't see her as much as I'd like to so I am taking a day out from conference to see her.

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