Saturday, 13 March 2010

A good day at conference

I had a good day at conference today. Firstly I was called to speak on our Fair Taxes debate. We are the only major party with a radical plan for reforming tax, which has been drawn up by our inspirational shadow chancellor Vince Cable, who spoke later.

I spoke about how our policy of helping the working poor and other low income earners by abolishing the unfair Council Tax and raising the Income Tax allowance was typical of an approach that summed up my reasons for involvement in politics. I must admit that I also questioned the need for a pilot of our Local Income Tax before it was rolled out. I wouldn't call myself a rebel on this one but I do think Council Tax is such an unfair tax I would prefer us to move more quickly than our current "safety first" approach. However, you have to trust that Vince and his treasury team have good reasons for this approach so I will be asking them about this.

Then I was able to speak to Chris Huhne, our Home Affairs spokesperson, about the issues that have arisen from the Swalwell Advice Centre problems I have spoken about earlier and the need for effective regulation of advice organisations. We have promised to speak next week to look into this.

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