Monday, 22 March 2010

Chopwell needs more identity?

I was in Chopwell again today campaigning. It is true of a lot of parts of the constituency that they feel separate from Gateshead, the local authority. I live just over the Stanley Burn where in Prudhoe there has always been a tradition of a local parish council, of which I am a member. As one of the two senior councillors in Prudhoe my Town Councillor colleagues often use it to give me hell but local government is alive and well. I really think that, for the communities in Blaydon who are furthest away from the centre (I'm thinking of Birtley, Chopwell and Rowlands Gill for example) local people could do with more local representation than just a few Gateshead councillors.

This isn't a party political issue and in other communities in the community, such as Blackhall Mill, this has been achieved through a really strong community association. In Birtley I am aware the Town Council folded. But I think that local communities should try to look at how they can get together and help turn their communities around. A good start of course would be to elect good Liberal Democrat councillors to Gateshead Council on May 6th!


  1. On your visit to Chopwell did you visit the River Streets? Did you notice the state of the back lanes. My husband and I both work, we pay our income tax, community tax,road tax - and yet our back lane like so many others is in a terribel state. This cannot be blamed on the weather as this has been the case for a number of years, they just get progressively worse. When the workman come out to yet again patch them up even they say that in the long run it is actually more expensive to keep patching than to resurface. I bet the new housing estates built and being built in Chopwell won't be allowed to get in this state so why should our back streets be allowed to. Resurfacing the streets would actually be the equivalent of giving them a face lift and would look much better, improving the area to encourage house buyers. Chopwell overlooks such a beatuiful valley, the River Streets are within a few minutes walk of Chopwell Woods. We should be able to brag about our wonderful location. Instead when visitors come you are almost ashamed of it. What would the Lib Dems to about the situation.

  2. I did visit the Rivers streets- I've been there many times. I agree that they look unkempt and could do with a bit of a spruce up and a clean. This is the responsibility of Gateshead Council, who have taken Chopwell for granted too long. Where the Lib Dems have councillors things like this get done. For example this weekend in Crawcrook the councillors are walking the high street to ensure clutter is removed.

    We have an excellent candidate on May 6th at the local elections in Ray Callender. Vote him in and give him a chance! I will of course pick this up as well. email me with your details and I'll get in touch - my details are on the Blaydon Lib Dems website