Saturday, 20 March 2010

Campaigning and Phone Masts

Today was a good day. Started off with a bit of leaflet delivery in a key part of the constituency, then went to lend a hand in Newcastle to a good friend of mine, Gareth Kane, who is running a great campaign to be elected to parliament in Central Newcastle.

Then I went over to Whickham to the Glebe, where there are already a lot of mobile phone masts. Vodaphone want to have a mast not on the playing field but by the bus stop on the main road. A lot of residents are objecting to the location and say it should be set back like all the other masts in the playing field area rather than on a main road. I think they have a point and our councillors are looking into it.

Finally I went to see some councillors in Ryton to discuss issues they have. A busy day!

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