Sunday, 28 February 2010

Vote for Change - but is it change for the better?

I was out in Winlaton today, for most of the day the weather held and I got a good reception. Then I met an old friend for a bite to eat and a chat. When I was at college with her, she was a died in the wool Tory. Now she is fairly apolitical but was scathing about Cameron, who she considers lightweight and too much of a toff to understand the problems of normal people. We also had a really interesting chat about the worrying situation in Pakistan, a country some of her family live in.

Then I came home and watched the news and got to see the aforementioned Cameron launching his agenda for change. Fine words but does anyone really feel the Conservatives naturally in their hearts are much changed from the party that started the slip in social mobility in society that Labour has continued with? As a party their policies will embed disadvantage. An example their policy for "fair votes". Each constituency would have the same number of voters under the Conservatives apparently. That will co-incidentally give the Conservatives extra seats. But the current stagnant situation from an unfair electoral system where there are lots of safe seats where there has been no change in the party winning it for 30 years (50%) and where voters have little chance of booting out their MP is welcomed. Fortunately Blaydon has ceased to be such a seat and this election, here at least promises to be one where there is a real choice between Labour and the Liberal Democrats

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