Sunday, 21 February 2010

How do you solve a problem like Gordon?

This is the question people in the Labour party must be asking. After a weekend out on the campaign trail its clear that Gordon Brown does not have the confidence of voters. So its clear that Labour have to do something. They've tried to show his human side in the same week that allegations of him bullying staff surfaced. I am not sure there is a way to solve it. People do not trust the judgement of a man who for years promised "no return to Boom and Bust" and then presided over the biggest recession of any major western democracy.

After a day and a half of campaigning, I went to the Gateshead International Stadium to watch North East Rugby League side Gateshead Thunder take on Batley but the game had been called off due to a frozen pitch. Once home I watched the film District 9, which is an interesting science fiction film that makes some really interesting satirical points about South Africa under Apartheid

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