Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chopwell couple Begin Again

regular readers of my blog will know I occasionally "big up" local businesses. I have recently been contacted by a local Chopwell Couple (Fiona and Dean Teasdale) who have set up an online shop, http://www.begin-again.co.uk/, which sells a range of gifts in recycled packaging. All very ecologically sound so have a look. They are also organising a craft fair in Blackhall Mill Community Association on Sunday 11th April. It's for people who mainly make or produce their own goods for sale, which sounds like a farmers market for people who make things and is a really good idea.

The Fair will run from 9.00am until 4.00pm and anyone wishing to have a stall, can email them at:


The costs for stalls are:
  • £10 per table if you need them to provide a table - although we only have a very limited number.
  • £5 per table if you bring your own tables.
It seems like a good event, with all proceeds from the raffle on the day going to the Community Association. So come along and buy some stuff or brings some stuff and have a stall!

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