Thursday, 7 January 2010

The times they are a changin' - but only with peoples help

A new year but the mood is not changing on the doorstep. I have lost count of the number of people who have voted Labour for years who now want nothing to do with their traditional party.
In Blaydon, people are fed up with this failed Prime Minister. They are fed up with a Labour Party that is more interested in fighting itself rather than getting on with the task of sorting out the economic mess. They are fed up to the back teeth with Gordon Brown and his squabbling party. So am I!
People want a government that is putting the country back on the road to recovery and they are simply not getting that from Labour. They don’t believe David Cameron’s shallow, bland promises and they know he can’t deliver for Blaydon. My message to those people is to vote Liberal Democrat in Blaydon. The constituency is my priority and as MP for the area, I will fight hard for a fair deal.
But staying at home rather than voting is a recipe for no change and the same old, failed business-as-usual under Labour. That’s why I am making a special appeal to former Labour voters to vote for a new MP and real change in Blaydon by voting Liberal Democrat. So make two new years resolutions. First make sure you vote in the General Election and second, if you have been loyal to Labour, vote for a change.

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