Thursday, 28 January 2010

Secrets of Green Business

A short break from campaigning tonight when I went to the book launch of "The Three Secrets of Green Business" by my friend Gareth Kane. He gave some of the secrets away but I still bought a copy! What he emphasised was the tremendous opportunity for businesses to embrace the opportunities posed by the challenge of global warming and environmental degradation.

You can buy his book here:

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  1. I started in the home-based recycling and salvage business in the early 1980s. We didn't think of it as a Green business back then but it was. I began recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals and buidling deconstruction. I found that when I tore down old buildings, I would often get paid to tear it down and could also sell most of the reusable material before it ever came off of the building. Turned out to be a great way to bootstrap the business.

    I then moved into the electronic, computer and telecommunication recycling and salvage business. Learned to recover gold and sell reusables that were as good as gold or nearly.

    I was going to sell all this info in an ebook, but I decided that during these hard times, I didn’t want to put any extra burden on folks who are trying to do the right thing, make ends meet, profit and start home based green businesses. So, I decided to give the information away.

    The recycling and salvage business can be very good for you and the businesses you deal with - helping them reach their green goals.

    New material about my experience in the recycling, salvage and gold recovery businesses is posted at the Recycling Secrets blog. Much more material is available for free on the Recycling Secrets website.