Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Manufacturing needs Labours support not just supportive words

The other day, Blaydons Labour MP commented on the need for support from the government for Manufacturing. He said "Because I have seen for myself just talking to people in Blaydon that things seem to be getting better, but we could so easily lose that growth if we do not act now to offer support to the manufacturing sector."

The North East has been worst hit during this recession. A recession that has hit the UK hardest of western economies because of Labours support for the City over and above sectors such as manufacturing and retail. There is some evidence that things are not getting worse. However, this is the worst recession since 1921 and worse statistically than the 1930s! So stabilisation is nothing to be proud of. So after Labours disinterest in supporting the steel industry in Redcar, surely they will support the innovative plans to push for an electric car manufacturing revolution from Nissan, based in Washington which employs a lot of people in Blaydon constituency?

Mr Ivan Holdac, representative of EU motor manufacturers has been very critical of the UK government for not showing support for zero emissions vehicles outside of the North East. He told the Journal "When I speak to those in the UK Government they often wrongly tell me you do not have a car industry here, that it is all foreign owned and not their’s to support....We often find that in the EU the UK is the one who plays down support for this industry when actually the question that should be asked is ‘What is the UK Government going to do to support the motoring sector?"

So Labour talks warm words but the representatives of manufacturing firms say that they are not supportive. If we are to support Nissan in the North East our MPs, should be pushing for a national, not regional, network of electric car charging points. Actions not words.

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