Thursday, 7 January 2010

the best of times and the worst of times

My campaign on the doorstep to persuade people to vote for me has been put on ice in the last few days - literally! The terrible weather has bought out the best in many people. People have rallied round and helped out elderly neighbours and dug themselves out of the snow. This cold snap will go on for many more days so please, if you have an elderly neighbour, call on them and check they are OK for supplies etc.

It has also revealed some naivety amongst drivers. I really think the government should consider putting more emphasis in driving tests about how to drive appropriately in winter conditions and how to prepare for winter. I came across a stranded motorist who really was not prepared for the conditions and whose car was in a precarious position on a main road. They were a relatively young driver and could have done with some more help.

Meanwhile at Westminster we have a bizarre attempted plot by two of the more disliked ex Labour cabinet members - Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt, to unseat Gordon Brown weeks before the start of the general election. Quite extraordinary.

But you can see why after another infantile display at Prime Ministers question time. The only question is why the Tories aren't moving to unseat Cameron - his display was equally childish. We need to change how parliament operates - there is a need to improve the ability of parliament to hold the state to account. PMQs is not a good advert for this.

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