Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sir Humphrey would be proud

Gordon Brown has announced that he is going to trim out Public Sector waste. Excessive pay will be scrutinised and unnecessary programmes and Quangos abolished. One does wonder what the Labour chancellor from 1997 to 2006, with his legendary reputation for Prudence and for being "the Iron Chancellor", was doing for all those years.

Meanwhile the Tories pledge to increase government efficiency seems to be moving on a pace. To do this they have set up an advisory board, which presumably if they are elected will mean they become a paid quango, containing a lot of the advisers Labour employed to recommend efficiency savings. Sir Peter Gershon and Martin Read both produced efficiency reviews of Government under Labour. Great to see the fresh broom that Cameron plans to bring in. No one could accuse the Labour Party and Conservatives of being too alike now could they?

The only way to make massive efficiency savings in government is to simplify out massively complicated tax and benefits system and to abolish whole bureaucracies. The bold thinking that drove Vince Cable to suggest abolishing whole government departments, is much needed now.

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