Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Gateshead Labour Consults but not here!

I was looking yesterday to again read Labour controlled Gateshead Councils proposals for cuts. except of course it is very hard to find on their website. In fact a Mars bar to the first reader who tells me where it is - I can't find it on the website! Fortunately our Lib Dem councillors have seen it.

Gateshead Council is great at many things, its wonderful nurseries and flower show for example, but doesn't really get consultation. They have two sessions but both are in Gateshead Town Centre. No need to consult residents of Blaydon constituency and the south and west of Gateshead then!

In addition you have to register before coming. I'd contrast this with Lib Dem Northumberland, where we are also making horrible hard choices foisted on us by cuts from Browns government, but have open consultations in every major town in the area. And we listen to residents and sometimes change what we do. Is that too much to ask from Labour?

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