Saturday, 7 November 2009

A living wage for our troops

With Remembrance Sunday tomorrow and with the price paid by our troops in Blood in Afghanistan rising by the day, it seemed an apt moment to talk to local residents about the Liberal Democrats campaign to get soldiers a living wage. Soldiers are paid a scandalously low wage considering the risks they take. The military predominately recruits from poorer communities, often from the North. As a result communities like Blaydon pay a higher price. The least they deserve is to be paid a decent wage.

We went to Crawcrook and Ryton high streets to collect signatures for our petition. A great response and real anger on the streets about both the situation in Afghanistan and also the way this government is treating the soldiers both with a lack of the proper equipment and the low levels of pay. A great day. I got chatting with a TA veteran who told me of the disgraceful way in which the TA was not getting paid for drill situations and how the TA feels undervalued under Brown when it is sending troops to Afghanistan on the front line.

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