Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Bookies agree - it's a two horse race

A betting friend of mine drew my attention to the latest betting odds on the Blaydon constituency at the next general election. Two bookies have now opened up accounts on the contest. The closeness of the likely race between myself and Labour is reflected in the odds but the Conservatives odds - 100-1 at Ladbrokes, illustrate what we've been saying for some time. The only way to vote Browns Labour party out in Blaydon is by voting Lib Dem.


  1. But Neil, you haven't told us the odds on you and Dave Anderson. I want to know who to bet on...

  2. Well I do apologise Mr Anonymous - here they are:

    Labour are currently 4 to 9 and the Liberal Democrats are 13/8 at the moment. So Labour are the favourite to win this seat. But I think we are the better value for the betting fraternity. I suspect you will not agree!

    At 100-1 - my point remains, the only way to defeat Gordon Browns Labour party and its loyal foot soldier in Blaydon is to vote Liberal Democrat.