Sunday, 16 August 2009

Whickham campaigning

After yesterdays campaigning I decided to move into a different part of the constituency, well to the neighbouring estate on the Broadway in Whickham anyway! A good reception and a good response to our survey.

It was interesting to read two things in the newspapers, both about the (distant) third party in Blaydon - the Conservatives. It was interesting to see their solution to widespread discontent to the current league table system to schools, tweaking the league tables! ( They intend to award more university points for "harder" subjects and less for "soft" subjects. It's easy for the Tories to pick on Media Studies but I think there will be a lot of subjects where this easy headline will be hard to translate into policy. The problem is not the relative merits of league tables but the fact that league tables do not give you a real picture of the schools performance. Neither will the new Tories league tables.

The other interesting article was in the Observer ( , where senior Conservatives have been revealed to as signing up recently to a book which advocates removing much of the current NHS system. The NHS is not perfect but it delivers world class healthcare at a reasonable price. The recent spat with US right wingers over the NHS has highlighted the national support or the NHS. The Liberal Democrats support it. Despite David Cameron's support, it is clear there is a large percentage of the Conservative Party that does not.

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