Monday, 24 August 2009

Daily Mail and the Truth

The more you are involved in campaigning the more you realise how the press doesn't always get a story right. The other week in my job at a CAB, I got an email about managing spam from our national body. A bit oddly it had a sentence about calling things "blocklisting" rather than "blacklisting". It was a bit odd but the comment of one person.

The next thing I know the Daily Mail is running a story over the weekend about how the CAB service across the county has banned the use of the phrase "blacklisting" in another example of PC madness. The CAB service is a network of fiercely independent charities and that the thoughts of one person does not automatically make it policy across the network. The Mail also showed a lack of knowledge of the service in that it described it as a "government funded Quango", a description it changed on its website today. Cue lots of outraged comments from people on the Mails website automatically assuming that this was emblematic of a country going to the dogs and that this disgusting service should be scrapped. This is how the reputation of a charity helping the most needy in society is attacked needlessly for the sake of a headline. If this is how the CAB service is treated then it makes it hard to trust any articles in the paper.

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