Monday, 13 July 2009

Friends of Chase Park

I attended the inaugural meeting of the Friends of Chase Park today. It was a good meeting with a lot of people having very radical ideas for the park, including taking community ownership. It was good to see so many people with an interest. It was good to see prominent local councillors so involved in community action, in particular councillors Peter Maughan, Peter Craig and Jonathan Wallace. It has been decided to call a public meeting where people can get involved in the life of the park. A great start to helping to protect a vital community asset.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Whickham increasingly not in bloom

I was out and about today collecting signatures for a petition against Gateshead Councils mean minded cut backs to flower beds and displays in Whickham. Many residents were telling me that this was the wrong thing to cut in the councils budget. A lot of signatures have been collected and we can only hope they help persuade the Labour run council to see the error of its ways.

I met a lot of ex Labour voters and people who have stopped voting today who are deciding that they will be backing the Liberal Democrats next time round.