Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Leafletting and a principled campaign

After work I was back on the campaign trail, delivering leaflets in the constituency. A lovely day for it. It has been a very unusual campaign with the Labour government losing credibility at a rapid rate. The expenses scandal has hurt all the mainstream parties but I get a feeling from the doorstep that the Liberal Democrats record of hard work in the constituency of Blaydon is helping people realise we are not all the same.

One thing that always makes me happy is when my party fights a campaign for what it believes in regardless of how it polls with a focus group. Our European campaign is a case in point. Britains press is undeniably euro sceptic but we believe as a party that its better to be a strong part of Europe, arguing for reform. Suddenly almost every party under the sun in the UK is arguing that we should pull out of the EU or not sign up to the Lisbon reform treaty - even though it reduces the democratic defecit in the EU.

So suddenly our principled stance means that if you support a prinicpled stance in Europe and if you agree with our stance "stronger together, poorer apart", we are the only party offering such a choice. As the Independent said yesterday, "the Liberal Democrats who have been the most consistently constructive British party on the European Union, a stance which has given their honest criticisms of Brussels' shortcomings all the more credibility."

I think and hope people are looking for a positive honest party. If so and that is you, please consider voting Lib Dem on Thursday. Our manifesto can be found here: http://europe.libdems.org.uk/

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