Friday, 5 June 2009

An exciting campaign now we wait!

It's been an exciting Euro campaign, now we wait till the count on Sunday. I hope that the voters have rewarded Fiona Hall with another four year term in recognition of her hard work. She is without doubt the hardest working North East MEP, speaking more, asking more questions and with a great attendance record. In Blaydon constituency, she has had a local profile unusual for an MEP. She has fought against open cast plans supported by Labour and has got the petitions committee of the parliament to investigate the disgrace that is Pathhead landfill.

So I hope she wins! I was up at 5 am for a 6 am start. "Good morning" leaflets then normal leaflets urging people to vote until late. I got round much of Whickham and got a good reception. The ballot paper was very large and turnout was low. I had a great conversation with a lady who was walking to the station and was very confused about how the European election voting system works. I think she voted Liberal Democrat. An exciting day but we need to take nothing for granted. I had a call from a resident that the BNP were illegally hanging banners over road bridges on the A1. Apart from being distracting for motorists, this is symptomatic of a cynical BNP campaign, whcih has avoided talking to people and tried to achieve maximum exposure with minimum contact, as they know that the vast majority hate them.

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